• Planning
    The staff of OPTima is experienced in all phases of outpatient physical therapy planning, from facility design and equipment acquisition to staffing needs and regulatory compliance.  
  • Hiring
    OPTima can help you develop a proven protocol for hiring the best physical therapists, PT assistants and clerical staff.  Or, if you prefer, we can oversee the hiring process ourselves.
  • Training
    We know how to train your staff to deliver outstanding PT services using the latest techniques.  We’ve done it in private practice as well as health care systems, and we can do it for you.
  • Non-traditional Therapies
    OPTima stands on the cutting edge of new, non-traditional PT therapies, including dry needling, blood flow restriction therapy and pelvic floor pain treatment.
  • Oversight
    Working with your management, we can make sure our outpatient PT unit operates at peak efficiency and coordinates seamlessly with your inpatient physical therapy services.
  • Reporting
    From tracking individual employee performance and profitability to metrics such as patient outcomes, referrals and expense management, we can help you set up user-friendly systems to help you document your outpatient PT department’s success.